How to write a paper fast?

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If you have procrastinated for a long time, and then you realized that tomorrow the deadline for college paper and you think that everything is lost, then no. Now we will prove it.

First of all you need:

– read all the requirements for work and do not miss anything

– after successfully completing the first item, you can choose a topic

– choose an extensive topic so that you do not have to be content with bits of information found on suspicious sites

– to make it easier, you can also combine several articles by other authors into one, describing it in your own words.

Do research

The study should go before the plan so that you can understand how much information you should count on.

You can use any sources, many sources, but do not forget that in your article should be mentioned every author whose research you used.

The teachers still trust books more than the Internet, so try using them. If you don’t have any books on this topic, then thanks to Google you can find electronic copies and scans of necessary books.

While writing your work, do not sit down to read the books! There is simply no time for this. Copy into the draft document exactly what is relevant to your topic, and then use them when working on the research. Rewrite material in your own words!

Do not forget to quote the sources used.


When the study has come to an end, it’s time to prepare a thesis. The thesis should be brief and clear, since the thesis shows the main problems associated with the study.

Thesis will not necessarily be innovative or extremely brilliant. To successfully compose it, you only need to provide the necessary information and do not stray from the direction that you took in the work.

Also do not forget to write your thesis at the end of the introductory part.

Further it is worth considering the structure of work. To estimate how many paragraphs there will be, to distribute the information that you have on them — this will be your text.

Do not forget to add the entire citation at the end of your text.

Introduction and conclusion of research work

When the previous steps are completed, it is worth taking the time to write the introduction. It should be about five sentences. It is necessary to present the topic in a somewhat generalized way and to complete the introduction with a sentence-thesis.


The conclusion should emphasize the general idea of the text, as well as the facts that need to be remembered by the reader.

Reading your paper

After you have done all your work, start checking your mistakes.