Different formats of essays

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An essay is a very important work in academic circles. We all, from young to old, receive different written assignments from the very beginning of our training – first these are small essays in the first classes of school, then a secondary school with a huge variety of essays in its program, as well as a report and other various writing tasks in higher educational institutions. This includes various kinds of documents with career orientation, admission essay, qualification papers, and summaries.

About the work on the essay is required to know only two things: it’s content and structure. These parts are equally important in the essay.

Everything that you write in your writings should be appropriately looked, so the format is very important. It is worth remembering that one design will be suitable for one text, but not at all suitable for another.

Even if you use the services for writing an essay, you should indicate all requests for your work in the order form.

Paper type

There are different types of formats for writing articles, for example, the APA style, MLA, Harvard style, and so on. Each of them requires a different formatting approach to follow. For writing academic work most often used style MLA. In this format, do not skip lines between four lines of a conditional header. Each page should have your last name and page number but in the correct format.

Fields and headers

Following the MLA format, the title should be placed in the upper left corner of the page. Font Times New Roman, 12 pins. You can also use Palermo, Arial, and Lucina

Name and Surname

The first line on each page should be your first and last name. Each such line is written with a double interval. Headers are aligned to the left.

Professor’s name

In the next line is the name and surname of the professor of your subject. It should look like this: Professor Quentin Waugh

Course name

In the next line, the code of your course is indicated. Each university can encrypt specialties and courses differently. Example: “Foreign philology 932”


The last line should contain the date and time. In the MLA format, the date is written in a numeric format, the month is written in alphabetic, and then again the year in numeric. Example: April 6, 2019.

Title essay

After the last heading line, double-click the space and place your heading in the center as the heading of the article on the next line.

First paragraph

Starting to write the first paragraph, do not forget to use a double space after the title. The document is written with an indent of 1 inch before the beginning of the main text.